Government of Nepal
Ministry of Urban Development
Department of Urban Development & Building Construction
Regional Urban Development Project
Project impacts, outcomes & outputs

Project Impacts: 

The project impacts are 
i)    Sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban areas developed; and 
ii)    Balanced and prosperous sub-national urban system achieved.


Project Oucomes: 
The project outcomes are quality, sustainability, and disaster resilience of urban services, and competitiveness in eight municipalities of the Terai region improved


Project Outputs
The project has a number of outputs grouped into three interactive categories:


Output 1: Develop urban infrastructure in the Municipalities: 

  • construction and/or rehabilitation of about 200 km of stormwater drains; 
  • improvement of about 240 km of key roads with urban design features, and at least 40 km of footpaths; 
  • construction of sanitary landfill sites and resource recovery centers through O&M embedded contracts; 
  • construction of about 20 km of sewers in Biratnagar; and 
  • construction of septage treatment facilities in Bheemdatt, Dhangadhi, Godawari and Suklaphant.


Output 2.    Strengthen the capacity of the Municipalities: 


  • ensuring that at least 30% of the PBSEDP is spent on socio- economic infrastructure and GESI-related activities; 
  • ensuring that urban master plans, including poverty pockets and planning and building bylaws, with disaster risk resilience features, are adopted in the Godawari, Bheemdatt, Dhangadhi, and Suklaphant; 
  • ensuring that O&M plans are implemented in all Municipalities; 
  • ensuring that GIS-based house numbering system and utility database are operationalized in all Municipalities; 
  • introducing or strengthening integrated property tax system; 
  • constructing energy-efficient and inclusive municipal office buildings in Godawari and Suklaphant; and 
  • ensuring that the improved organizational structure, including a social development section, for the Godawari and Suklaphant is approved by the respective Municipal councils.


Output 3.    Improving urban planning and project preparation capacity: 


  • ensuring adoption and operationalization of the project bank guidelines and operational manual for the new Urban Planning and Development Center in DUDBC; 
  • preparing pre-feasibility study and detailed projects for multi-sector, sub-regional investment programs; and 
  • preparing at least two detailed project reports in solid waste management, drainage, roads, water supply and/or sanitation.




Chakravarti Kanth
Project Director

Navin K. Devkota
Information Officer

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